Honey Bee Swarms

We are moving into swarm season, late April to June, please be vigilant and if you do see a swarm advise our swarm

Swarming is a honey bee’s natural means of expanding its numbers. The old queen usually leaves the colony to form a new colony, taking with it many of the bees. In advance of the swarming scout bees may have already secured a new home, but if this is not the then the bees will form a cluster wherever the queen lands, this may be hanging on the branch of a tree, on a wall or even in a compost bin!

Despite looking quite alarming, bees in a cluster are at their least aggressive – intent only on finding a new home. If you find a swarm we suggest you stay clear of the swarm, make anyone in the vicinity of the bees aware and contact our swarm administrator who will be able to lease with a local beekeeper who will then arrange to relocate the swarm.