The following is a list of books available to borrow from the club…

Keeping Bees and Making Honey Benjamin, Alison and McCallum, Brian 2010
Recycling and Reworking Beeswax Berry, Jack
Queen Rearing with Simplicity Berry, Jack 1996
Traditional British Honey Drinks Beswick, Francis 2003
Honey from your Garden Brett, W. 1941
Honey Bees – A Guide to Management Brown, Ron 1998
Beeswax (4th Edition) Brown, Ron 2009
The Barefoot Beekeeper (3rd Edition) Chandler, P. J. 2009
Queen Rearing Simplified Cook
Practical Beekeeping De Bruyn, Clive 2009
Beekeeping in the Swarming Season Davis, George 1980
Queen Rearing Devon Apicultural Research
Beekeeping and the Law Frimston, David & Smith, David 1993
The Art of Beekeeping Hamilton, William 1946
Guide to Bees and Honey, 4th Edition Hooper, Ted 2008
Plants and Beekeeping Howes, F. N. 1979
How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey Kelley, Walter 1976
Practical Beekeeping Mace, Herbert 1977
The Children’s Life of the Bee Maeterlinck, Maurice 1949
An Introduction to Beekeeping DVD Metcalf, Paul 2005
The Complete Guide to Beekeeping Morse, Roger, A. 1972
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping Morse, Roger, A. and Hooper, T.
Bees and Beekeeping Pavord, A. V, 1975
The Beekeeping Annual 1983 BBKA 1983
Honey Marketing Riches, Harry 1989
Medical Aspects of Beekeeping Riches, Harry 2000
Pollen Identification for Beekeeping Sawyer, Rex 2006
Backyard Beekeeping Scott, William 1977
The Observation Hive Showler, Karl 1985
Swarming – Its Control and Prevention Snelgrove, L. E. 2009
Getting Started with Bees Thornes 2010
That Year in Cornborough Tinsley, Bernard 1996
The Bad Beekeepers Club Turnbull, Bill 2010
Beekeeping for Profit and Pleasure Webb, Addison 1947
Study Notes – for BBKA Basic Certificate, SBKA Basic Beemaster Certificate and FIBKA Preliminary Certificate Yates, J.D. and Yates, B. D. 1999
Beekeeping Study Notes – Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 Yates, J.D. and Yates, B. D. 1996
Beekeeping Study Notes – Modules 5, 6, 7 and 8 Yates, J.D. and Yates, B. D. 2010
Beekeeping Study Notes – for the BBKA Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry Yates, J.D. and Yates, B. D. 2002